Adult Education Field Team / Invitation to Apply

Invitation to Apply

California Adult Education Block Grant Office
Adult Education Field Team

Application Deadline: October 23, 2017


The California Adult Education Block Grant Office (AEBG) seeks to install a high quality and effective regional delivery of adult education services to support California’s adult learners in meeting their educational and career goals. The California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office (CCCCO) and the California Department of Education (CDE) are working in partnership to implement the requirements outlined in the AEBG. To help achieve its goal, the AEBG Office seeks applicants to serve on the Adult Education Field Team. The team will provide recommendations to the AEBG office on multiple issues to support the implementation and effectiveness of the AEBG program.

Scope of Responsibilities

The team will meet as needed or at a minimum quarterly (travel costs will be paid for by the consortium or member). Members will be briefed on relevant matters, actions, and issues by the AEBG office, and engage in facilitated discussion and problem solving to bring forth recommendations in the best interest of California’s adult learners, and that meet the goals of the AEBG legislation and funding requirements. The term of service for selected members will be three years (to coincide with the required consortium three year-planning process).

Open Application and Endorsement

The AEBG Office seeks qualified applicants (see criteria below), who can commit to attending all required meetings, engage in collaborative discussion and problem-solving, and make learner-centered recommendations. Applicants must receive the endorsement of at least two adult education professionals. One endorsement must be made by a representative of the applicant’s regional adult education consortium which certifies that the consortium as a whole is supportive of the application. Applications will be submitted through an online application with the assistance of AEBG TAP.

Criteria for Review of Applications and Member Selection

Staff of the AEBG office will review applicants based on the following criteria:

  1. Qualification demonstrated through resume and body of work that indicates involvement in statewide or other significant (regional or local) policy-making or advisement efforts
  2. At least 5 years of experience and current employment in noncredit Adult Education or K-12 Adult Education, or a combination of both
  3. Letter of endorsement by two others including 1) the duly responsible representative of the applicant’s regional consortium acting on behalf of the consortium, 2) endorsement by an adult education professional with program, or regional experience.

The AEBG Office review team will also consider the following concerns when making member selection:

  1. Regional Diversity: member selection will be made to assure the regional diversity of the team.
  2. Institutional Diversity: member selection will be made to assure that community colleges and K-12 District based programs are equally represented.
  3. Conflict of interest avoidance: applicants must disclose any conflict of interest which may include; their vendor/contractual relationships with the AEBG office, other state agencies, or with the consortium involved in the administration of AEBG. Any monetary, financial or business interest that they have that would be affected or benefit form policy decisions.

Timeline for Application and Selection

  1. Online application posted on September 18, 2017
  2. Online application due by October 23, 2017
  3. Notification of selection and decline will be sent by end of November, 2017